FLYING NZ's INSTRUCTOR COUNCILEnsuring the highest quality professional flight training possible!

The Flying NZ Instructor Council is a group of six Flying NZ Aero Club flight instructors from around the country.

The objectives of the Instructor Council include the maintainance a high standard of flight instruction and ground course training within Flying NZ Member Clubs in New Zealand.

The organisation and conduction on a regular basis of Flight Instructor training and refresher courses within New Zealand.

The adoption of a strategy to cultivate flight safety.

To consult with the Flying NZ Executive regarding all technical matters pertaining to flight training and flight safety.

To offer advice to the Flying NZ Executive regarding government acts, CAA Issues and flight rules and advise on the activities of other parallel operations both within New Zealand and overseas.

Instructor Council members are voted onto the council annually at the Instructor Association AGM held in parallel with the Flying NZ AGM and Conference.

The following resources do not in any way override your organisations operating procedures, or absolve instructors of compliance with Civil Aviation Rules.

The Council also consults with the Executive regarding flying competitions and rules for National and International Championships and area rallies.
The Council may liaise separately (or jointly with the Flying NZ Executive) with the Civil Aviation Authority, Aviation Industry Association and other interested parties in respect of any training related aviation matter.
It is also required to consult with the Flying NZ Executive regarding other matters which from time to time would assist in the furtherance of the objects of Flying NZ, as set out in the Rules.

The Council is setting up a small group of mentors to assist clubs that have only a small number of flight instructors, where those instructors may benefit from having a senior instructor to talk to about instructional matters or other issues related to flight training.
Before contacting one of the listed instructors, you must consider the supervision and support structure you work under, and talk to your superior in the first instance.