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Flying NZ is sad to report that John Brunskill, a passionate sport and recreational aviator, passed away on April 20th 2017 after losing a battle with cancer.
John was a past President and Life Member of the Tauranga Aero Club. He served on the Executive of the RNZAC (Flying NZ) firstly as the Central Region Representative followed by Vice President and then President. He remained a member of Flying NZ’s competition rules committee until this day.
As a highly skilled and keen competitor he competed in Regional and National competitions since 1997 until 2016. He represented New Zealand at the annual International Wings competitions between 2007 and 2015 in various positions including formation flying and forced landings where he excelled. John was also a member of the World Precision Flying teams that competed in Austria, Poland, South Africa and Denmark.
New Zealand has lost a well-respected ardent sportsman who encouraged both young and old aviators to have a go at competitions at all levels.


John Brunskill at the 2014 Flying NZ National Championships, hosted by the Tauranga Aero Club held at Tauranga Airport.

FAI Airsports Medal awarded

At a private award ceremony just a few weeks before his death, The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, (FAI) awarded John a FAI Air Sport Medal.

This medal was established by the FAI Council for the 100th anniversary of Lilienthal's first flights. It may be awarded, at any time, to individuals or groups for outstanding services in connection with air sport activities.

In making the award to John, reference was made to both his service to Sport and Recreation administration in New Zealand as well as his keen promotion and excellence in participation of competition flying, not only in New Zealand but Internationally.